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Barbara Villemez Author

About Barbara

Barbara’s life has taken many different turns over the years. Real Estate broker, Interior Designer, Feng Shui practitioner, Psychotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and University Instructor are many of the real life turns on her path to becoming a writer. Barbara uses these experiences to create stories that ring true to situations where the reader can relate.

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What People are Saying

Barbara Villemez is a special author who has written some fascinating and unusual novels.  A psychologist, nurse and counselor by trade, she has a wealth of human experience from which she can draw on to create her fantasies. To get to know her better, all one has to do is read a few of her stories because she incorporates a lot of herself into the characters. Many of her books could easily be made into movies of the week.

Ms. Villemez conducts extensive research before writing her novels. Her settings span the globe and beyond. She has introduced us to ancient cultures, she has taken us to other centuries, we traveled to different continents and even rocketed to worlds light years away. No matter the location, her characters always have human qualities with which we can relate.

All authors put some effort into their books but it is obvious that Ms. Villemez does not only research and write, she polishes. I have been entertained by each of her books and when I close the Kindle, I always say to myself, “That was fun.” I can recommend her novels for a light easy read that will leave you satisfied.”

David Hughes Osterhout
Author of OinK! Only in Korea!

Barbara Griffin Villemez sweeps the reader away with plot twists and imaginative yet believable characters. From an angel who falls to earth to an entity of horrific evil, Villemez captures the reader into her world of storytelling. An author you will want to read time and time again.”

Sheila Griffin
author of “Ride on the Wings of the Eagle”

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