About Barbara Villemez

Barbara’s life has taken many different turns over the years. Real Estate broker, Interior Designer, Feng Shui practitioner, Psychotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and University Instructor are many of the real life turns on her path to becoming a writer. Barbara uses these experiences to create stories that ring true to situations where the reader can relate. Her studies in the Mystery Schools have honed her intuitive abilities and given her many avenues to explore in the metaphysical and paranormal realms.

An avid reader all her life with an interest in Ancient Worlds, Barbara spends her time before starting a story, researching new story material. For Barbara this is as much fun as writing the story.

She resides in New Mexico with her husband Clare and four cats, Shadow, Sita, Jezebel and Tashi.

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Barbara Villemez Author

About Pam Lesemann

Pam Lesemann Author

Pam was born in Charleston, SC into a military family, Pam has traveled much of the United States and has lived in Japan and Germany. Much of her early life was spent traveling from post to post with her parents and four sisters instilling in her an appreciation for other cultures and the history of the world.

Pam attended the College of Charleston where she earned a place on the Faculty Honors List as Distinguished.

A voracious reader all of her life, she has read many books dealing with her love of ancient history, alternative science, anthropology and archaeology.

Presently Pam spends her time writing, researching and painting.

She Lives in a small town near Atlanta, GA with her husband, Steve and her three dogs, Carly, Clyde and Hoosier and her cat, Koko.

Books by Pam Lesemann

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