Illusion: Tales From the Twilight Zone
Genres: Crime, Fiction, Mysteries, Paranormal, Short Stories, Suspense, Thriller
ISBN: 9781494949020
Short stories that are a little strange with twisted endings.
About the Book

Short stories that are a little strange with twisted endings. Mandy’s Revenge is a story of the murder of a young girl in 1941 and deaths of her killers. Jamaica Farewell, an abused wife solves her problem in an usual manner. Love Bites, a beautiful vampire awakens after 3,000 years and has to learn to exist in a modern world. The Funeral, the dead walk among the mourners. Children of the Dark, beware of who you let into your home. The Bookseller, a dowdy woman transforms after reading a book in a bookstore that isn’t there. The Yellow Bird, an old woman writes her memoir before going in for an operation sees a yellow bird on the window in the hospital. Mama’s Things, four young women learn to love each other again after the death of their parents. Dancing With Hannah, an old man dying in ICU wishes he could dance with his wife one more time. Suspicion, a building inspector experiences an explosion in the basement of the first town seconds before the first plane hits.

138 Pages


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